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The Beats Planet Studio Suite

5 Video monitors, 2 workstations, 3 Speaker Sets, w/ 15" Sub, 2 control surfaces, A 16 ch. digital mixer, and more

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Beats Planet Mixing Desk

Mackie surfaces and other stream-lined controls arm us with a desk that promotes a fast turn-around with optimal performance

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Monitors Used For Mixing & Mastering

We use the industry standard Mackie HR-824's for the main mix then use Yamahas MSP's & small bookshelve speakers to simulate multiple end user environments.

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Side View Of The Studio Suite

Visible is our main production keyboard/controller & a rack of vintage sound modules.

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5 Monitors For Stream-lined Mixing

4 monitors on our main music server, & a separate Mastering station gives us full and complete control with a birds eye view of all elements…

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15" Klipse Sub Woofer

Dishing out 800 Watts (20-120HZ) of pounding Bass assures your songs will have just the right amount of boom without distortion

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The producers at Beats Planet have produced music for MTV, VH1, Universal Music, and many others.  Between MTV and VH1 DJ Naydee has produced the theme music for over 40 TV shows.


Beats Planet

Beats Planet is committed to bringing you the hottest Rap, Hip Hop, R&B, Club, Dancehall and Dance instrumental Beats.With fresh instrumentals every week Beats Planet can't be stopped!
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