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The Benefits of Downloading Instrumentals with Hooks


If you want to do a performance for friends and family or break out and may be star performing the local club scene, you may head to the internet.? Yes, we are all told that you never want to ?steal? someone else?s work, but there is a whole world of downloadable beats and instrumentals with hooks that you can legally buy and use!? Yes really!


Speaking of which, I just mentioned that you can download instrumentals with hooks. What are they and what are the benefits of using them?


  • According to Wikipedia, a hook is musical beat or lyric that is easily remembered; it is one that stands out.? Basically, this can be a beat that is repeated over and over again through the entire time or it can be a phrase shouted or sung multiple times.? When it comes to buying online, you will find a selection of both.


  • Lyric Repeat:? Now, this might not be what you are looking for.? After all, most people like to transform the beat and make their own rap or hip hop from it.? Your best bet is to typically avoid instrumentals with hooks that contain lyrics, like ?listen up you all.?? In fact, it doesn?t become so instrumental after that anyways.


  • Beat Repeated:? Many of the best songs today have a constant beat throughout.? In fact, some have more than that; they have a hook.? Once again, this is when the main beat or music tone is repeated multiple times or it easily stands out.? Lots of websites online that sell instrumentals with hooks will say ?we got the hook.?? You want to judge for yourself.? Remember, it is something that stands out or in the case of hip hop is something that is easy to dance to; judge for yourself.


Now on to those benefits I was mentioned above.? Why should you download these instrumentals with hooks? ?There are a number of benefits.? For starters, they are more eye-catching and attention grabbing than plain old instrumentals.? Next, some downloads come with usage rights meaning you can make a video around them and post it online.? Finally, you have a large selection to choose from.? Whether your goal is rap, hip hop, or even country, you can find hundreds of instrumentals available for download online.


Please note that it is illegal to download music without the proper rights online.? What you want to do to protect yourself is ensure you do business with a legitimate beats website.



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